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9 Ways To Help The Earth Right Now

The rainforest in on fire, global sea level is rising, and more and more animals are endangered every day. Sure, we can shake our fists at our local politicians or rant on Facebook, but what if we each did something right now to help the earth? Here’s what we... read more

Alessandro’s Nutella Crostata

By: Alessandro Giovinazzo Edited by: Kristen Llorca “Merenda”, the time of day when young Italian children run home in the mid-afternoon to have a delicious snack before finishing their homework. One of my most vivid “merenda” memories is eating... read more

Divination Cards: An Introduction

Leaving a kids yoga class I’d taught for years, carrying all the luggage that entails, I’d stopped just short of my car, eyeing a playing card face-up by the drivers side. For two consecutive Wednesdays, I’d found a playing card by my car in this... read more

Going Abroad With Kids 101

At two years old my daughter decided she would no longer speak Spanish. This was not only a blow to my ego, but to my culture, to our ancestry. How had a child who’s dominate language was Spanish, up until that moment, decide she no longer needed it any more. I... read more

Drop It In The River, A Meditation For Children

Children’s audio meditation for children 4 to 10 years old. In meditation, we seek to create some space between our thoughts, our beliefs about ourselves, and our reactions to our thoughts or feelings. This may be more true for a child, which may readily... read more

Your New Favorite Chili Recipe

I come from a cooking tradition and culture (Italian), which has a different approach to eating than the one I’ve experienced here in the States. For example, I was stunned, when, a waiter in Santa Barbara, CA asked me what type of “protein” I would like with my order.

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Cosmic Resonance 04

Session 4: Moon in Aries- connecting to our wisdom & courage “Cosmic Resonance” is a meditative audio session, based on astrological transits, which combines journaling, mindfulness meditation, & mantra. Stand in your strength.  ... read more

Ishtar At The Gates

On my knees, I prayed. If somehow he could remember who he was, I searched, then everything would be right again. He would know that I loved him; that he was worthy of love; worthy of heaven, even if not with me. It was a desperate plea lost in the cavernous underground.

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Cosmic Resonance 03

Session 3: Capricorn Moon & Chiron Retrograde “Cosmic Resonance” is a meditative audio session, based on astrological transits, which combines journaling, mindfulness meditation, & mantra. The only way is through. Cosmic Resonance... read more

Japa Mala: Finding Your Voice

There was a time, not too long ago, I felt unheard. My true voice was not present during any interaction, and therefore my life had gone right off the rails; carried away by the rush of wants and needs of others. I’d been floating for a while, or so I thought.... read more

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