Love Notes From My Students

After Our Time Shared Together


I truly enjoy the integrative nature of Kristen’s classes. She brings together the physical postures and the more ethereal information very nicely. I also love the holistic progression from one class to the next. I feel like I’m growing stronger from the ground up.

Mia Leonin

Writer & Teacher, University of Miami

For me each class has been a form of poetry. Gracefully guided from pose to pose. Thank you for your guidance and adjustments throughout the sessions. With each closing session I feel deeply connected with my true self. Kristen weaves her expertise and catered intentions to create a peaceful yet rigorous class.

Veronica Fuenzalida

Compliance Manager, Robins & Morton Construction

Your classes make us feel that, like yoga, life is a process of constant improving and growing and strengthening of body and soul, which requires as much patience and surrendering as hard work and persistence.

Yahumary Palacios

Owner, Exclusive Assistant Group

(My daughter) Nelly loves the class!!!! It’s awesome!!!! It has been a big impact in her daily life and interaction with others! Highly recommended!

Miriam Singer Friedman


Kristen is versatile. She sees what the class needs and adapts her teaching. I also like that she personalizes each session. She give us different pose possibilities and allows us to decide how far we can go. I also love that she comes around and makes adjustments to our bodies while in poses. It gives me confidence to know that I am in the right position.

Vanessa Ruiz

Owner, Tamiami Subs

My 5 year old daughter has been involved in the yoga program for the past year. She not only loves it, but her balance has greatly improved since she began this class. I recently added my 3 year old to the class and she adores it just has much! We love Ms. Kristen and her yoga program.

Melissa Rayvis Ginsburg

Day School Teacher, Temple Beth Am Day School

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